The Sussex Faerie Festival is an established annual event, centered around themes of paganism, spirituality, fairy lore, earth magic and conscious living. The festival is a colorful tapestry of individuals, expressing themselves through elaborate and fantastical costumes, embodying a collective celebration of creativity and self-expression.
Within the vibrant, eclectic energy of the festival realm, attendees seamlessly merge into a unified, kaleidoscopic collective. Amidst this collective spectacle, I have endeavored to capture the essence of the individual by removing them from the bustling festival environment, placing them within the quiet, controlled confines of a formal studio setting.
Through this deliberate juxtaposition, my aim is to illuminate the inherent incongruity between the individual and their elaborate attire, when divorced from the communal context. By isolating the subject against a neutral backdrop, the viewer is prompted to contemplate the character of the individual beneath the layers of fantasy and spectacle, and embark on a journey of introspection, reflecting on the nuanced complexities of identity and the transformative power of self-expression within the realms of fantasy and imagination.

Ultimately my work seeks to celebrate this subculture, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between reality and illusion, self and society. The portraits transcend mere documentation, serving as a contemplative exploration of identity, self-expression, and the interplay between the individual and a collective identity.

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